Zut alores!! Ze frog was meant to swim, not fly! Ze great Frog in ze Pond would ‘ave given us wings otherwise, not big jambs et pieds. Ze G-force made my webbed bits quiver!

Oh oh oh, all ze excitement of the pond of ze metal zings – I nearly burst my stitchings, but ze madam of ze ‘ouse is sugerising moi so zat je don’t disgrace myself all over ze floor in public (je would ‘ave made a lot of frog mess!). Nouveau experiences like free duties et coffee, yummm, but je don’t know why if that was free, je ‘ad to pay. Tres confusing again. Anyway, ze drivers of le great bicyclette dans le sky were tres nice et even let me drive for a while. Je think though that je may ‘ave been facing ze rong way.

Humm, now je are down-under et it est tres difficule to swim upside-down, et je don’t know wen to open mon eyes et wen to close zem. Je don’t know about le duck out of water, but je do know about le frog out of l’eau!

M. le Frog x


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