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  1. Antonia Gamble

    Hi there
    My mother in-law told me about your blog.
    She was the South African who visited in August.
    Did you post a pic of the card and messages you shared.
    If so would you send me the link or a copy of the page?
    It’s been a difficult year for our family; my husband (her son) passed away in January and Dad followed a month later.
    She was so uplifted by Monsieur Le Frog. You are a shining light in all the drudgery.
    Keep it up it makes us smile.
    Kind regards
    Antonia Gamble

    • Mon Cherie

      Je am zo zorry to ‘hear of vous tragedie et sadness. C’est tres terrible.
      Je am zo pleezed zat je ‘ave been able to mak vous et vous mamman smile un petit peu. Je enjoy making ze peepel zmile because it maks moi zmile too.
      Ze lady ‘oo keeps ze ‘ouse ‘ere zays zat she did not realize zat je wood mak zo many peepel laugh, it was just ‘er (zhe is a bit odd!)…
      Zhe also asked je to tel vous zat my Blog is usually updated each week – depending on wot tasks and chors she ‘as pour moi to do – phew.
      Plz no zat mon petit froggy ‘eart goes out to you all at zis time.
      Avec une petit wet froggie kiss… oh but it is vous ‘oo are supposed to kiss moi. Never mind.

      Ever yours,
      Monsieur le Frog
      P.S. Sori pour le typing, c’est tres difficile to type avec webbed fingers.

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